Trixie Get Your Gun


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Author's Note: Like many fanfic authors, this story is the result of wondering, 'what if I'd been a KK'? I took that question quite literally and so this story takes place in the February following volume 6, The Mystery in Arizona. That makes Trixie, Di & Honey still 13, Mart 14, Jim, 15 and Brian 16. This story is written without reference to any of the books or events after Volume 6. So, for example, the Bob-Whites' existence as a club has never been threatened by a school principal, Di hasn't had the lead in Romeo and Juliet, and Dan has not been introduced as a character at this point. (Sorry to all the loyal Dan fans.) Jim is assistant gamekeeper to Mr. Maypenny, a job he was assigned in #5, Mystery Off Glen Road. Anyway, if I'd been a KK, I might have tried something like this…

Trixie Get Your Gun
By Judith

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: There's No Business Like Show Business!
Chapter 2: Trouble Backstage
Chapter 3: Why Di?
Chapter 4: Cui Bono?
Chapter 5: Trixie Sets Her Sights
Chapter 6: A Real Mystery
Chapter 7: Another Witness
Chapter 8: The Evidence Mounts
Chapter 9: Beware!
Chapter 10: By Ghostlight
Chapter 11: A Suspect
Chapter 12: Cupid's Kiss
Chapter 13: "You Blew It!"
Chapter 14: Moms' Apple Pie
Chapter 15: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Chapter 16: Trixie Get Your Gun!
Chapter 17: SRO

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