Joker's Wild



                 Zones of Their Own

This universe takes as a premise the possibly cynical, certainly hard-nosed idea that money matters. Think about it: how many millionaires are on your speed dial? 'Bout the same as mine, I would guess.

Even assuming something like the Bob-Whites could happen while attending the same small town public school, as they mature and start to make their way in the world, I believe that social class and income would pull them in different directions.

Plus, there's always the odd disaster. And character failing. For example, as much as I admire Julie Campbell, I never bought that "Mrs. Wheeler was just too shy to be a good mother to Honey," eyewash she tried to peddle in Secret of the Mansion.

I do expect, however that the Bob-Whites will (eventually) have happy, not tragic endings. But, as Ringo sings, "You've got to pay your dues…and it don't come easy."

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