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These pages house my Trixie Belden fanfiction efforts. I don't know if I have actual "universes," so it might be more accurate to call these story collections.

In The Zone -- These stories are my occasional efforts to be the Kathryn Kenny who came directly after Julie Campbell. The stories assume that none of the KK volumes exist and in them I try my hand at my own version of growing up Trixie. G-rated.

Forever 14 -- These stories capitulate to the KK regime and try to fit themselves in, more or less, to the entire 39-volume canon. Trixie and the BWG's stay frozen at whatever age they were in the series (which wasn't always clear and could vacillate from volume to volume, but we won't go into that here).

Zones of Their Own -- These stories deal with the BWG's as young adults. Possibly it should be called, 'Bob-Whites on Prozac,' as it assumes that the gang has their share of troubles in transitioning into adulthood in the modern world. The time is more or less contemporary, except I haven't decided if it's pre or post 9/11 (or exactly how that might make a difference). Most stories will be R-rated and password protected.

One-offs -- Stories that don't fit into a universe and probably never were intended to. Many of these are stories written for holidays, like the group writing projects at The Trixie Belden HomePage. Or, they just came to me on a whim. A jumble of age ranges and situations for the Bob-Whites and a mixture of G and R-rated stories.

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