More than 50 years ago, Julie Campbell (Julie Campbell Tatham) created a world and a group of people living in a place she named Sleepyside-on-Hudson. Modeled on Campbell's own home near Ossining, New York, Sleepyside was the place where Trixie Belden, girl detective, and the Bob-Whites of the Glen made friends, rode horses, trained dogs, built clubhouses, went swimming, did their chores, found fortunes, diamonds, and adopted siblings, all the while solving mysteries, eating legendarily huge and delicious meals, and generally making the world a better place.

It's a fictional place and like all good fictional places once you've been there, you've traveled there as surely as any place your feet have taken you. Best of all, you can return just by flipping open a book.

This site celebrates Trixie Belden, her creator, Julie Campbell, and life in the Sleepyside Zone. The Zone is just getting started and there's still some blank spaces that I'll be filling in from time to time. Have fun 'sploring the Zone with Trixie and come back when you can.

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